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Putting a lien on equipment in order to obtain financing

A fast funding option with affordable interest rates enabling your business to replace, upgrade, or purchase the equipment necessary to keep your venture operating smoothly. Equipment financing can also serve as a type of asset-based financing, where the equipment itself is used to back up or secure the loan.

There is no commitment or impact on your credit by applying.


How funding works:

  • A lien put on equipment that you are looking to buy in order to obtain funds for its purchase

  • A lien put on currently-owned equipment in order to obtain funds for any purpose


Rates are based on:


  • The equipment’s age and condition

  • The equipment’s marketability (how easy it would be to sell)

  • Your credit

  • Your ability to pay back the loan


Ask Yourself:


  • Do you have any valuable equipment?

  • What is the age and condition of the equipment?

  • Are you looking to buy any valuable equipment?

  • Is the equipment semi-liquid and market ready?


Required documents:


  • Year to date bank statements and financials

  • Past two years tax return

  • Debt schedule

  • Appraisals document for the equipment


Good to know:


  • Equipment financing is a fast and simple way to fund up to 100% of the value of the equipment

  • Use our tax calculator to help identify your savings, first-year depreciation, and deductions.

There is no commitment or impact on your credit by applying.

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