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A Crane Lifting a Container

An advance collateralized by your business’ purchase orders

We provide working business capital based on your business' projected future sales. Businesses in high-risk industries, with financial problems or bad credit can be approved without any collateral.

There is no commitment or impact on your credit by applying.


How funding works:


  • Purchase orders are documents sent from a merchant to a provider with a request for an order

  • A business sells its purchase orders to a third party to obtain the funds necessary to satisfy the order


Rates are based on:


  • The security of the order

  • The length of the funding

  • Your credit


Ask Yourself:


  • Do you have any unfulfilled purchase orders?

  • Are you currently receiving purchase order financing?

  • Are you unable to make an initial payment for the order?


Required documents:


  • A list of unfulfilled purchase orders

  • Financial statements


Good to know:


  • Purchase order financing is NOT a loan and therefore, you are not incurring any debt

  • The application required to establish a purchase order relationship is much simpler than other types of financing

  • With purchase order financing you can ONLY use the funds to assist with satisfying the order

  • Purchase order financing can support a single transaction and/or grow with your company’s funding requirements

There is no commitment or impact on your credit by applying.

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