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Alternative to lengthy approval processes and strict credit requirements for traditional term loans

A merchant cash advance (MCA) provides unsecured capital to small business owners on future credit card sales, providing small businesses an alternative to traditional bank loans. MCA quickly provides cash for businesses, allowing you to borrow against future earnings to access that capital today.

There is no commitment or impact on your credit by applying.


How funding works:


  • Factor rate range: 15% – 49%; the advance is at a fixed rate, not an APR

  • Repayment can be made on either a Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly payment

  • Repayment terms rage from 30 days up to 24 months

  • Repayment can be made through ACH Debits or Credit Card Processing Holdbacks

  • Funds can be sent in as quick as one business day

  • Funding amounts range from $2,000 up to $2,000,000


Rates are based on:


  • Average monthly revenue

  • Time in business

  • Credit profile

  • Overall financial health / profitability

  • Industry


Ask Yourself:


  • Do you have any existing debt on your balance sheet? If yes, what are the balances owed and who are the balances owed to?

  • How do you plan on using the funding?

  • How quickly do you need funding?


Required documents:


  • 1-page data form (application)

  • 3-6 months of business bank statements

  • Driver’s license

  • Voided check

  • Additional stipulations may be requested, such as: proof of ownership, financials (P&L and balance sheet), tax returns, accounts receivable reports


Good to know:


  • Even if your credit score is low or you have negative financial history or the business is less than one year old, there are still funding options with a merchant cash advance

  • We can consolidate existing merchant cash advances to lower payments and increase cash flow

  • This is a fast and convenient process with minimal paperwork and same-day funding available

  • When the balance is 50% paid, your business will be eligible for additional funding

  • Great option of any business that is grossing $10,000 in revenue per month and has been in business for at least 6 months

There is no commitment or impact on your credit by applying.

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